Basic Monthly Subscription

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Online streaming services have become the most enduring and important platforms for modern music, with over 40,000 new tracks being added each day. With so much new music surfacing, it's important to market your music properly.


In this service, your chosen song will be promoted across these platforms and on our social media pages, ensuring real and organic exposure to our growing audience of over 150,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Along with this marketing campaign, each song will be sent to our growing list of curators and influencers, asking for consideration for playlists and additional exposure. If added to these playlists, each song will stay on all annual playlists indefinitely, and on genre-specific playlists for one year.


The subscription includes a monthly (28 days) :

- addition of your song to two playlists with promotion across our social media pages

- posts to your social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify


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