Stardom Promotion

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The Stardom Promotion Campaign will promote 3 songs on Spotify through our playlist & curator network for 10 days for continuous activity. You will start seeing result after 24 hours.

Nowadays bookers look first at your Spotify statistics before looking at your other profiles on social media. In short: Spotify is your must-have key to success!

This isn't a secret anymore, so that's why it's very hard nowadays to get noticed by Spotify users, the algorithm or by the Spotify editors.

If you don't have a big fanbase yet, it can be very hard to get noticed by users on Spotify and to establish a basic fanbase, and this is where we come in.

Through our partner network of playlists, we offer a broad 100% organic Spotify promotional campaign for your music.


What we need from you when starting the campaign:

  • The Spotify URL to your track.
  • The genre of your track.
  • Some information about your artist profile.

Results you can expect & The process:

We will promote your track through our network which has proven to be effective, this includes an e-mailing that we will do for your track & we will push it to our own exclusive network of high-quality playlist curators. You can expect new users noticing you and your music. Although we can't guarantee anything, chances are big we can offer a great influence on you and your music.

We offer a no cure - money-back guarantee!