Nasboi & Wande Coal - Umbrella
Case Study

Case overview

Nasboi, an emerging talent in the music industry, collaborated with the worldwide known artist Wande Coal to release the single “Umbrella.” The artist sought to maximize the song’s reach and engagement across various platforms and to strengthen his personal and label’s brand presence.

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The Campaign

Our music marketing agency implemented a comprehensive strategy focusing on digital streaming platforms, social media engagement, and industry recognition. Key components included:


The Results

  1. Digital Streaming Platform Optimization:

    • Targeted Spotify promotions to hit over 2 million streams.
    • YouTube marketing tactics leading to over 500k views.
    • Inclusion on editorial playlists and top Nigerian charts.
  2. Social Media Growth:

    • Enhanced Nasboi’s social media profiles, growing from 1.4 million to 1.5 million followers.
    • Expanded ETSRL Music’s (label) social media presence from about 2,000 to over 5,000 followers in 4 weeks.
  3. Cross-Platform Promotion:

    • Ensured “Umbrella” gained over 15k+ streams across all platforms.
    • Engaged with fans and listeners through targeted content and interactions. 


  • Spotify: The single achieved over 2 million streams.
  • YouTube: The music video surpassed 500k views.
  • Social Media: Nasboi’s following increased by 100k, and ETSRL Music’s followers increased by over 3,000.
  • Industry Recognition: “Umbrella” was placed on influential playlists and climbed the top Nigerian charts, enhancing visibility and credibility.
  • Overall Reach: The song gained significant traction across all platforms, with a notable increase in streams and engagement.


Streams on Spotify


Views on YouTube


Streams Across All Platforms


Social Media Followers


The targeted marketing efforts dramatically boosted the reach and success of “Umbrella,” expanding Nasboi’s audience and establishing a stronger market position. The collaboration with Wande Coal and the strategic use of digital and social media tools resulted in a significant milestone for both the artist and ETSRL Music. The campaign highlights the effectiveness of tailored music marketing strategies in today’s digital age.