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Efficient marketing of music in the digital age involves the creation of a well-structured plan that would show results on multiple platforms. Moreover We have a full-scale music marketing agency offering diverse services ranging from increasing endorsements for artists aspiring to outsmart the average audience potential. In addition Here’s an in-depth look at some key services offered by such TMMA: 

Spotify Promotion

It is among the biggest music streaming giants, and given the fact that it can make an artist appear to the target audience and exponentially grow their streaming numbers, moreover it is an important thing to consider making a promotion campaign for it. 

Spotify  Pitching

This includes reaching out to playlist curators, who are the ones that manage playlists with huge audience, in order for them to include the artist’s tunes in their collection. Equally important The goal to realize is to pair each of the songs with track lists that will appeal to music of similar genres or moods, thus increasing chances for listeners to come across these new tracks.

Spotify Algorithm Triggering

Although recommendation engine of Spotify performs an important function in suggesting tracks to users and taking into the consideration their tastes, it is still not perfect in this matter. Moreover TMMAs deal with these algorithms by using the following types of techniques intended to make algorithms develop in favor of them for instance we can optimize track metadata (including the genre, mood, and artist tags) and collaborate on the release strategies which lead to increase in listeners engagement and retention.

Music Marketing with YouTube Promotion

As someone who is handling the planet’s video platform, the largest video platform, YouTube provides large possibilities of artists to generate income and engage with the global people.

YouTube Monetization Campaigns

YouTube monetization criteria is made up of maintaining a minimum number of subscribers and watch hours happy. Therefore the TMMA helps artists meet these criteria. what’s more They also participate in an activity that creates premium quality videos that meet YouTube’s standards, boosting brand exposure and engagement, which help in ad placement.

Social Media Marketing

Instant messaging on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook is exceptional such artists that are looking to expand the existing fan base through the creation of personal rapport.

Instagram & Facebook Influence

The core of effective social media marketing lies in developing powerful content that keeps fans hovering over it. Equally important This may include the creation of extra content like snippets, staging of the upcoming merchandise, and live sessions marked by interaction. In addition TMMAs frequently form partnerships with influencers to enlarge their patchwork, pulling upon the fan base of an influencer to drum up new fans.

Ads Management

Social media targeted ads are pivotal for the music industry being it an essential promotional tool in pushing out new releases, events and merchandise. Moreover The top music marketing company creates and carries out ad campaigns as well as improving and directing them to target a particular audience with an end of checking the effectiveness and improving their future undertakings.

Music-Themed Press Release, and Blog Post Writing

Being featured in music blogs, magazines and news sites can give even more meaning to the role the artist is playing to the public. what’s more Equally important The top music marketing consultant generates charged and compelling press releases and blog posts which brought under light a particular artist or a specific aspect of a new release, what’s more  these have been distributed to the right platforms where they are bound to attract reader’s attention.

Radio Campaigns

The endurance of radio during the surge in digital channels indicates its golden state in music advertising. furthermore TMMA make radio station managers and DJs talks, they want the track “air”, they are aiming the stations which cater to the star’s genre or demographic. furthermore This encompasses not only the long-established FM stations, but also emerging internet radio stations.

Booking Consultations

Equally important The main music marketing agency on the market provide no-cost consultations, therefore artists can freely discuss their plans with the agency’s staff members and lean on a variety of services offered by the agency. lastly This first meeting is very essential because not only that it builds a relationship with the artist, In addition it also generates a marketing plan that is perfect for the artist with due consideration given to his vision and budget.



With a dedicated team of over 20 music marketing professionals, we specialize in marketing artists on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and beyond.

Elevate your music career to unprecedented heights with TMMA, your invaluable partner.

Our Music Marketing Services

TMMA offer a wide range of music marketing services. From playlist pitching to promotional campaigns, Furthermore we assist you in reaching a broader audience. Our team understands the importance of long-term strategies.TMMA collaborate with you to create effective marketing and promotional campaigns. In addition We work closely with record labels and offer playlist placements that increase your monthly listeners and fan base. TMMA guarantee your music the recognition it deserves.

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Get placements on top outlets such as Earmilk, Pitchfork, The Source, Complex, Flaunt, The Jerusalem Post, LA weekly, XXL and more.

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Unlock Your Music's Potential with Efficient Ad Campaigns and Targeted Playlist Placements. Maximize Your Reach and Dominate the Charts!





Artist Research

TMMA review the artist profile and release to see if it is a great fit for our agency.

Personalised Plan

TMMA create a custom strategy and plan based on your goals and calendar.
Artist Research

Data Analysis

We offer analytics that reveal how we successfully reached the targeted audience.

Youtube Monetizing Campaigns

Meet Youtube's monetization criteria through our all-in one campaign



Meet Youtube's monetization criteria through our all-in one campaign.

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