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Our Story


"I founded this agency with the clear objective of helping emerging musicians achieve their dreams. Here at TMMA we put our clients' growth and satisfaction before anything else. Growing musically and having a professional marketing team promoting your music is fundamental to all artists - emerging or not."


Matteo, Founder and CEO of Top Music Marketing Agency® 

How It Works

The main strategy we use is something very efficient and simple. We put your song into exclusive network channels of high-quality playlist curators, making your credibility higher. Then, our artists and music writers will promote naturally their personal review with their fans, especially focusing on those who listen to your genre. This creates trust and makes new people interact and listen to you.

Other effective strategies we use to organically grow your artist profile include: targeted ad campaigns, blogposts by published authors, social media promotions, dedicated featured articles promoting your song, and song featuring into exclusive Radio Stations. You can expect new users noticing you and your music. Although we can't guarantee anything, chances are big, we can offer a great influence on you and your music. If you won't be seeing results, we will give you a 100% refund.