Ads Management (30 Days)

Are you willing to miss the opportunity to trigger Spotify algorithms with your music? This is the only service in the market that can trigger the Spotify Algorithm directly.

Why Us?

We have figured out how to do what no one else is able to do. To actually trigger Spotify Algorithms!
How can we do this? By running extremely targeted ads (location and similar artists) directly on Spotify with Spotify Ads Studio!
You no longer need to do playlist pitching to random players and worrying about bots, this promotion delivers around 80-90% Spotify Algorithmic streams and the rest come from Profile and Catalogue.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. 1-2 days to review your artist profile to make sure you’re a good fit for advertisements.
  2. Around 2 days to get Ads campaign started.
  3. Ads campaign starts!
  4. After the campaign, report analysis is sent.

After your order, your song/profile gets sent to professionals and they analyse it from start to finish. We’ll then give you a little bit of feedback on the your artist brand. And if it needs significant improvement, we won’t do the promotion. We’ll first give you helpful feedback so that you can improve and then submit to us later.

After that, it will take us a few business days to get the ads created so that we can start running them within Spotify.

What you will get from this campaign:

  • Extremely targeted ads that drive 100% Spotify Algorithmic Plays!
  • Ads targeting 3-7 similar artists
  • Location Targeting (USA artists will get majority streams from USA and Canada)
  • Follower growth
  • Promotion for your entire Spotify, not just 1 song
  • You will be placed on hundreds of Spotify Algorithmic Playlists

With our fast and organic ads, we push your whole Spotify profile to the right places and you trigger Spotify Algorithms within 96 hours!


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