Radio Guaranteed Spins

The service is for your track to be sent to our network of radio broadcasters of all kinds of genre. We have a total network following of over 1,000,000 plays a year.

After your order, your song gets sent to professionals and they listen to it from start to finish. We’ll then give you a little bit of feedback on the song. And if it needs significant improvement, we won’t do the promotion. We’ll first give you helpful feedback so that you can improve and then submit to us later.

But if everything is good to go, then the song gets sent to our radio station network. There’s hundreds of different radio stations on air and online within our network, and some of them have a several stations. After the songs get sent to them, they’re listed by genre, so the curators can listen to it based on what music they share on their radio station. And then if they like the song, they can request it from us. We then cross check that request and make sure it’s a good fit for their list.

We will decide how many curators put your song on their radio or how many it gets pitched to based on the service you choose. When working with us, it’s not based on playlist followers, it’s based on the activity of the list. We keep running tabs on all the lists in our networks. It’s a very bulky task for us, but we have a good system on the back-end for that to know which lists are doing well. We do analytics on all the lists to try and keep the campaigns running efficiently.

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