YouTube Promotion

Are you trying to promote your song on YouTube professionally and efficiently in a transparent way? Check out the video explaining how we work!

After your order, your Youtube video gets sent to professionals and they listen to it from start to finish. We’ll then give you a little bit of feedback on the song. The next thing that happens is that we will form the campaign within Google Ads. There’s different ad types on YouTube. There’s In-stream ads, there’s Discovery ads and many more. With our expertise, since we’ve spent millions of dollars advertising in the music business, we will get our campaign to the right people at the right time. We will come up with the headline for the ad, the audience targeting for the ad, and the copywriting of the ad.

Some other methods we use for the YouTube Promotion are:

  • Embed your Video in a website related to your music Genre.
  • Using Social Media Platforms to Share the Embedded Website Post on High Traffic Sites
  • Having contextual Backlinks Web 2.0 Created, which will help and optimise the SEO.

Obviously, we can’t control people’s behaviour on any of the promotions we do. We don’t use bots. So that’s why we can’t predict exactly how your campaign is going to go. We give you a range of what we expect from previous experience.

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