January 1, 2023

The 3 Best Spotify Promotion Services

The 3 Best Spotify Promotion Services

Are you strapped for time and need to cut to the chase? Here are the 3 best Spotify promotion services you should go check out immediately: 

1) Top Music Marketing Agency 

2) Indie Music Academy 

3) Playlist Push

Spotify audience growth requires a lot of patience and perseverance.

There is no way to avoid the arduous process of gradually creating your discography, brand, and fan base from scratch. And although if the Spotify promotion tools included on this article provide solid foundations for building your musical empire, spectacular results won’t happen fast.

Therefore, I suggest that you treat Spotify promotion as an additional boost to your other music marketing campaigns. Avoid relying too much on promotional services because organic growth will still be necessary to complement bought promotions if you want to continue your total development over time. 

Having said that, you still want to see a profit on the money you spend on Spotify promotions. It’s important to remember that no two services are completely comparable, boasting various service-scopes and distinct timetables for projected outcomes. 

Now that we’ve cleared up any confusion, let’s dive right into the list of the top twelve Spotify promotion tools:

Top Music Marketing Agency

After you checkout on topmusicmarketingagency.com, your song goes to our music supervisors, and they fully listen to it. Then they’ll give you a little bit of feedback on the song. And if it needs significant improvement, you will have to improve it and then submit it to them later. 

But if everything is good to go, then the song gets sent to their playlist curators. There’s hundreds of curators within their network, and some have several playlists. After the songs get sent to them, they’re listed by genre, so the curator can listen to it based on what genre playlist they have. If they like the song, they can request it from the agency. So then, they cross check that request and make sure it’s a good fit for their list.

The service is not based on playlist followers, it’s based on the activity of the list. So they keep running tabs on all the lists in their networks. It’s a very bulky task for them, but they have a good system on the back-end for that to know which lists are doing well. They do analytics on all the lists to try and keep the campaigns running efficiently.

Indie Music Academy

For good reason, Indie Music Academy’s Spotify promotion service is at the top 3 of our list: It is committed to offering the kind of genuine, organic playlist placements that promote healthy growth. 

Or, actual feeds from actual folks. 

Fun fact: I believe Ryan Waczek, the creator of Indie Music Academy with above-average hair, was the first to describe what I now consider to be a crucial aspect of playlist evaluation. He described how to distinguish playlists that rely on bot streams from playlists that are constructed using actual human streams on his YouTube channel; I still use this information to assess playlist placements today. 

In summary, bot streams are not distributed throughout desktop, mobile, and other sources. You may learn more about that here; it’s very useful information.)

Playlist Push

A unique strategy is used by Playlist Push, which provides Spotify promotion services for both playlist creators/curators and performers seeking greater visibility. Playlist Push systematically identifies playlist curators who have the best possibility of choosing your music by concentrating on the musician side of their service offering. 

We at Two Story launched a $325, month-long campaign for a track, and as a result of sustained organic and algorithmic development, we had really positive results: 40,000 streams over several months.