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#1 WorldwideAward Winning

#1 WorldwideAward Winning

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Free Consultation

Let’s start right from the beginning by outlining the core of your artist profile brand, and any pain points.

Do you want to know more about Top Music Marketing Agency®, your Potential Growth as an Artist and potentially join our team? Book a Free Consultation, and briefly talk about you and your Artist Profile. We will reach you back as soon as possible to organise an online meet with you!

Spotify Services

Do you need to hit a wider, more targeted audience on Spotify? Let’s explore how to do that and develop a plan of action.

Many times artists will think they can go far with free music submissions, but the reality is you can get further a lot faster with paid promotion.


Are you trying to promote your song on YouTube professionally and efficiently in a transparent way?

To gain success on YouTube as a musical artist, you have to focus on real and organic video promotion. We can work together with the most effective, creative, and efficient ways to promote your video, which helps in ranking and bringing more audience to watch your videos.

TikTok Influencers

Are you looking for TikTok influencers to use your song in their videos?

Top Music Marketing Agency® has a pool of TikTok influencers. These influencers do a variety of music and genres, and we’ll find the right influencers for your music!

Soundcloud Reposts

Do you want more real and targeted plays to your song on Soundcloud?

Paid promotion is the most efficient method to get your music out there. We have an experienced team in-house that will provide an excellent service to you. We have one of the best music promotion Networks in the market.

ADs Management

Do you need an Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, TikTok or Youtube Ads Manager that will share your music through a targeted ad campaign professionally?

We’ve spent over $700,000 in advertising music and have made an average of 3x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). For every $1 we spend, we’ve made about $3 back.

Press Release

Are you trying to establish a relationship with the media?

It takes time to entice readers to listen to your music. We’ve been doing it for years, with a team of professional writers and a network of hundreds of music websites of all genre, your press release is going to be mind-blowing.


Do you want your single promoted on a radio station?

The service is for your track to be sent to our network of radio broadcasters of all kinds of genre. We have a total network following of over 1,000,000 plays a year.

Why Work With Us?

Recognised Internationally

Top Music Marketing Agency® has proven to be a dominant force within the Italian music market, and has finally decided to expand internationally in 2021. Finally, in 2022, TMMA is now a dominant international music marketing agency. The founder, Matteo Hon, has been recognised by Nadia Costanzo, the Head of Banking of MEA and Latin America: “Matteo is already having an impact in the music industry, which is exceptional, and I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what’s next for him!”